Confidence Coaching

for the Christian woman who wants to be confident and believe in herself again
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Our Mission Statement

Empowering you to believe in yourself and cultivate unstoppable confidence through Jesus

What Is Confidence Coaching?

It is a service provided that helps those who are feeling dragged down by their limiting beliefs, fear, and self doubts. Confidence coaching is designed to help you to shine a light on what is stopping you from achieving personal freedom.

Is Coaching For Me?

If you have a strong desire on your heart from God that you’re aspiring to achieve, but  you are struggling to reach it and are ready to give up because you don’t believe in yourself…. Then YES! 

Do you include God in your coaching?

Absolutely! God is the center of my business and He is my best friend. I have a kingdom led business and in our sessions we are always talking about “What God wants for you” and sometimes we even pray in our sessions! My coaching is 110% Biblically based and my methods and teachings include lots of scripture. 

Our Services

30 Minute Coaching Session

Discuss your goals and what you feel is holding you back from making money and we will work through the limiting belief. You will  leave the session feeling unstoppable and confident and ready to make bank in your business!


60 Minute Coaching Session

Lets work through your mindset and create a  strategy, milestones, and goals for your business resulting in you leaving the session feeling unstoppable and confident and ready to make bank in your business!


2 Hour Intensive 1:1

This is a DEEP EMOTIONAL PACKED session where we look at your business and get clarity on what isn’t working so we can shift into a strategy of what will work. Will include all the 30-60 minute sessions cover and beyond!


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