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Hey, I’m Courtney Berry 

Founder of She Blooms Faithfully

I knew God had something bigger planned for me than the 9-5 I was semi-rocking. I just never felt like I was in my element. Like I was stuck or buried. But then I shifted my mindset and realized I had been planted. I was getting ready to bloom through God’s plan for me. That’s my hope for you sister. You’re here because you’re ready to bloom through the vision God has for you. You may be feeling stuck now but I promise it gets better! 

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me or your fellow sisters in Christ. I have a whole community of women ready to accept the growth that is before them. 

See you there! 

God Bless, 

Courtney Berry

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Does God use numbers to speak to us? This is a common question amongst Christians who have associations with those who practice new age. I have a strong opinion on this and have done an abundance of research on this sensitive subject, while praying to The Lord to...

God has a plan for each and every one of us

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A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for sending this message, we receive it. Amen. My child, There is more important things in life than your business. Someone in your life needs you today and I urge you to seek them prior to...

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