A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for sending this message, we receive it. Amen.

My child,
There is more important things in life than your business. Someone in your life needs you today and I urge you to seek them prior to your endless list of tasks you set up for yourself. Be adventurous let go of responsibilities today and go be with them. Spread that inner light of yours and go spark some joy in life today with those around you. When you start your day today, ask yourself “What can I do today to spark more joy in those around me?” Have a great day!
Love, God.

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A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

I give you deliverance from the spirit of fear


The spirit of fear is powerful and will hold you back from living the life that God has predestined for you.

God created you cell by cell and knit you in your mothers womb ever so carefully — He did not create the spirit of fear within you, that was created from worldly ways, not God’s way.

When you feel fear within you and you give in, you are already setting yourself up for failure. You are convincing yourself that you will fail or get hurt or lose the relationship or the client, etc. But where is the truth in that? There is no truth, as this event has not come to fruition yet.

If you approach life with hesitation with a subconscious belief that this will not work, you will do everything in your power to prove this to be true. You will naturally seek to find the failures, rather than positives such as; You had the courage to try it, you took that first step, you fell down so what you picked yourself back up, etc.

Humans are powerful. We are unstoppable if we believe. Don’t succumb to your subconscious limiting beliefs because you have the power within you to live your best life — Without this spirit of fear you’ve manifested.

Get comfortable with having deliverance from fear.

Fear is not from God. It says in The Bible multiple times “Fear not, for I am with you.” Worry is fear. Anxiety is fear. Excessive reasoning is fear.

The enemy uses the spirit of fear to keep us from fulfilling God’s intended purpose for our lives.

I want to do everything in my power to fulfill what God’s purpose is for me, however, sometimes the spirit of fear holds me back.

I got asked yesterday to be a speaker at an event being held in Kelowna, BC that has the vision of it being the Canadian version of PTBB (pays to be brave) with Angie Lee. This terrified me but also excited me and reminded me that  God wants me to be an inspirational speaker— He’s shown me this countless times! But I let the spirit of fear take hold over my life and gave the power to the enemy for me to back down from God’s plan.

In 2017, I applied for a beta spot in a public speaking course for inspiring TedX speakers with over 700 applicants and only 100 being selected, I was chosen.

In 2018 I was asked to speak at an event In New Orleans, but out of fear I backed out thinking I wouldn’t make an impact and get stage freight also fearful of not having the funds for the trip.

In 2018 I attended my first inspirational event hosted by a local coach and thought about hosting my own events in my city. But I backed out due to fear.

In 2019 I got asked to host a Bible study, but I was afraid and backed out coming up with all the excuses. What if I make a fool out of myself? What if I don’t know what to say? What if I’m a bad leader, etc.
You see, the thing with fear is we all experience it, but we have the decision to overcome it. God has given us the armor to conquer all obstacles that we are to face.
I want to ask you right now, in this exact moment, to have a conversation with God. Ask him these questions and be still. Listen to what He has to share with you.

  1. What fears am I holding onto that are stopping me from fulfilling my purpose in life?
  2. God, when did I learn this lie?
  3. What is a truth that you want me to replace this lie with?

My BIG fear right now that I am learning to let go of, is God’s purpose for me to be an inspirational speaker and to impact thousands….millions of lives. I have a limiting belief that I am not good enough, that someone else can do it better, that I will fumble, etc. I will do all the wrong things. But when I asked God these questions he revealed to me the following:

That I have the spirit of fear within me and do not think I have the ability to impact millions of lives and to read Timothy. This lie was self-imposed. I had learned it by setting high expectations for myself (goals) that weren’t within my purpose and not meeting them, therefore I felt like a failure. I was knit in my mother’s womb with a purpose. I am worthy of impacting millions of lives and have the proper tools and abilities to do so, as God Himself will equip me.

When I shared this on social media, my audience had nothing but amazing things to say about me pursuing a speaking career.

  • I can see you doing this, you are called.
  • You’re an amazing inspiration and a kind-hearted person. You can accomplish it without a doubt.

God HAS truly called me to this, so as my reader. I am asking for prayers because we all know how powerful the power of prayer is. Please give me the strength to attend my first toastmaster’s meeting, as this, I truly feel is my first step to embodying the role of a speaker.

I will follow up with another blog post at a later date on how my first meeting went.

Have a beautifully blessed day.

God bless,
Courtney Berry
Christian Happiness Strategist & Creative Writing Coach.








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A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

Love Note from God – March 12



A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for sending this message, we receive it. Amen.

My child,
Do not struggle. I did not create you to live like this. Learn to surrender to me and you’ll be relieved of this struggle you’ve manifested. I challenge you to give a blessing through money this week. Give some away so that you see there is more always coming, as it came to them. When you give, you can begin to see the gratitude in all that you receive. I do not give to those who are ungrateful as they are not ready, would you? Think about that.
Love, God.

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A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

Love Note from God – March 11

A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven. Thank you Lord for sending this message, we receive it. Amen.

My child,
That idea you have on your heart is there for a reason, I put it there. It was no accident. When you believe in yourself like I believe in you, you’ll see why I placed it there. Clear your mind and be open to the possibilities, as once you understand why, an abundance of doors will be opened for you.
Love, God

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A daily divine message of Guidance from our Father in Heaven.

Book Review – Pursue The Intentional Life by Jean Flemming


God pushes mountains; He sets the boundaries of the oceans; He sends the rain and show; He ordains the seasons; He flings the stars into space, naming each one.

Life is rough, and its not easy. But we always pray when we’re halfway up the top of the mountain “God, please just put me to the top” But that’s not how it works. We pray for STRENGTH…he provides us with obstacles to make us stronger. We pray for WISDOM and he provides us with problems to solve. We pray for PROSPERITY and he provides us with a brain & brawn to work. We pray for COURAGE and he provides us with dangers to overcome. We pray for LOVE and he provides us with troubled people to help.  We pray for FAVORS and God gives us opportunities.  We NEVER get what we want from God but we get everything that we NEEDED ♡ And it is time that we TRUST IN OUR LORD.

If someone can do all of that & never mind move mountains…Its time that we listen up!!!
Reading this book has truly become a REALITY CHECK for me because I am extremely stubborn. And I WILL have conversations with God and go “Seriously, really? You want me to do that..I can’t do that you know I can’t. Give me an easier obstacle to tackle.” Its time that I put my FULL TRUST & FAITH into our God & savior…Because only HE knows what my beautiful future holds

There was one chapter that stood out to me the most, and it was a 2 page chapter. “This chapter is deliberately short. It reminds me that I need not fill every space.” I have always been a planner my entire life, questioning how things will work, why they’re done a certain way, what will happen if plan A,B,C,D doesn’t work out, etc. But I need to put my faith in God and that he is with me. As the bible states in Matthew 6:34 we must not worry about tomorrow it doesn’t say to not prepare for tomorrow. By not putting 100% of faith in our Lord, I am leaving an opening for the Devil to walk right in to destroy any progress that I have made with my relationship.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone, to devour.”–  1 Peter 5:8

Every single breath that we take is a blessing. Time goes by fast, and we need to remember to cherish every single moment. Praise God. Live courageously.  Those who live their life with Faith in God will smile effortlessly and brighten the lives of those around them. Ecclesiastes 8:1 “A person’s wisdom brightens their face and changes its hard appearance.” Christians are ALWAYS so happy and that is what drew me to Christ.

“Let the light of your face shine on us.”–  Psalm 4:6

“I must put all my faith & trust into God, and open myself to the challenges that I will be faced with. Obstacles that I didn’t plan for them to occur, and promise to pray to God to provide me with the tools to overcome. I know that my life can’t be planned from point A-Z and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I will know times of soaring, times of running, times of walking, and times of stumbling, but in Him, my strength is renewed, my faltering steadied, my gaze lifted above the tangles brush of life to see again my God, my hope. Who knows the assortment of challenges ahead? But in them all, I want to trust His grace, trust that He can reveal Himself in me even when I’m barely hanging on, trust that when there is almost nothing of me left, He will show up most powerfully.”

–  Jean Fleming, Pursue the Intentional Life

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