She Writes Faithfully


Embracing the Author Within You

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you know that you have a story inside of you? Has God put a book on your heart but you’re struggling to get it out?

This is where She Writes Faithfully comes in!

How would it feel to:

get your story out?
start making a major impact?
have another source of income?
connect with more ideal clients? 


It’s all possible with my She Writes Faithfully Program!

Courtney has the kindest heart, and amazing resilience and tenacity. She is great at bringing the exact right guidance talking about exactly what you need to hear at the time you need to and talking you out of hurdles and into action. This chica really goes over and beyond to help as much and as many as she can and keeps believing in you and holding you accountable while being guided strongly by her connection with God and it’s beautiful and transforming!


Intuitive Soul & Business Coach

Courtney is amazing! I am honestly glad our paths crossed because she has helped me tremendously. with my business. I always look to her for positivity and she will continuously coach me throughout! Couldn’t have found a better coach! xoxo.

Dedra R

 I absolutely love how Courtney makes you feel special and so welcome. I feel like I can reach out to her at any time and she is happy to help. Courtney has helped me to turn how I view myself around when I feel at my lowest. I find Courtney extremely helpful and eager to go the extra mile to help, in all aspects of life and business. I highly recommend working with Courtney. 

Caroline D

Courtney’s mentorship is worth every penny. Courtney has done such an amazing job of pulling me out of some serious slumps. As a fellow empath, I appreciate her calm and gentle approach in guiding me to reconnect with my inner soul harmony. I also love Courtney’s no-nonsense approach to achieving emotional breakthroughs! She’s motivated me and kept me focused on my goals when I wanted to give up. She’s such a great coach!

Stacy Geske

Live Free Health and Wellness

I created She Writes Faithfully when I realized that so many Christian women
were struggling with getting. their book outs. . These women would try to look 
for answers, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. After launching my own
successful book I’ve had women reach out for help to get their own story out and
that’s why we’re here. ​I know you have something special in you that
 God has asked you to share. with the world. Now it’s time to get it out. 

She Writes Faithfully is your solution  

Here’s how it works 
A weekly group coaching session via Zoom with Courtney Berry, Creative Writing Coach. In these sessions we will be discussing our ideas for a book and how to start writing it. Every week we will be setting writing goals for ourselves and being held accountable at the following coaching sessions. I will be guiding you during the program to ensure that you are maximizing your time and energy efficiently in order to write a book ready to be published within this strict timeframe. Voxer support for the VIP upgrade, if purchased. In which, I will respond to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday. I encourage you to utilize this to your advantage anytime that you are feeling a block, need feedback, or want to share something with me. A private Facebook support group for your fellow writers in She Writes Faithfully. This community is a great tool, I recommend that you utilize this for support and inspiration as we go on this 6 week journey together. Worksheets, tools & resources that will assist you during the program.
Your life is going to look different after this course

B E N E F I T # 1
Gaining clarity on what type of book you want to write, the audience it will reach out to and how you want your readers to feel.

B E N E F I T # 2
Overcoming writer’s block, procrastination and learning how to effectively manage your time to complete your manuscript.

B E N E F I T # 3

Develop a plan to take action to achieve your writing goals. Organize your book project to see the growth and get excited about your author journey.

B E N E F I T # 4

Simplifying the systems to write your book, publish your manuscript, and sell your book.

B E N E F I T # 5

Having a best selling author to guide you through your manuscript from idea to paperback. As someone who has been there and overcomplicated the process, she is ready to help you.

So Join Us Today!