About The She Blooms Faithfully Journaling Experience
God has placed this journaling membership on my heart for awhile and I finally gained the courage to pursue it. It takes a lot of work as a one man show to set up a membership, however, I knew that with God’s help it was possible, even in the short span of 9 days I had to put it together. If He can move mountains, He can certainly co-create a life changing journaling experience with me.

One day I remember asking God how many lives I was going to change and I heard God say “think bigger my child, try 5000 lives”. To think that someone of my experience in ministry and such a short journey as an entrepreneur could change that many lives blew me away. But again, with God, all things are possible. This membership is the beginning of my journey in ministry and pursuing God’s plan for my life.

If there is anything that I want you to take away from this experience, it is that we all have a purpose on this Earth and God carefully crafted all of us and knit us cell by cell in our mother’s womb — He knows your strengths, He knows where you need to grow and bloom. God has a calling for you and I pray that through this journaling experience, you will find your way — Your True North.

I have different themes for each month for our year together, and through much prayer and time with God, we created this experience for you.

God bless you,

Courtney Berry
CEO & Founder She Blooms Faithfully

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What is included in this journaling membership?
  • She Blooms Faithfully Daily Journaling Prompts
  • Private Exclusive Facebook Community for members only
  • Monthly Group Journaling Sessions with an opportunity for 1:1 coaching on the call
  • Receive Feedback On Your Journal Entries Within The Community
  • Free Coaching Friday Opportunity¬†
  • Community Post Themes To Encourage Growth (conquering fears, practicing gratitude, etc.)
  • Access to trainings that are posted in the group, as requested by members (based off of overall needs of group)
Who can join?
Women who are 18+ are able to join the community.

You’re welcome to include your girls in the activities, however, I will not allow anyone under the age of 18 to be a paid member.

Whatever you do with your children is entirely up to you, I will not be held responsible for any of their actions due to the membership content.

How do the payments work?
There are two payment options.

1) Monthly – $47
2) Yearly – $450 (Over $100+ in savings!)

These are in Canadian Dollars.

What happens if my payment fails?
Your payment will be re-attempted two more times if the payment fails. After the third failure, the subscription will be cancelled and your membership will be revoked immediately.
How do I get the free membership trial?
I FIRMLY believe in a try before you buy as I’ve made investments in the past that I was not thrilled with. I want you to be HAPPY with your investment in yourself!

Therefore, I offer a 7 day FREE trial automatically with sign up!

No charge for 7 days and the payment plan you selected will begin after the trial has expired automatically.

What if I want to cancel?
To cancel your membership plan, please email your information used upon sign up to hello@shebloomsfaithfully.com

There is a 7 day grace period to receive a refund for your payment taken, if it has exceeded the 7 days no refunds will be given.

Will my payment ever change?
When you sign up and set up your payment plan, that is what you are locked in at with your membership access.

As long as you stay a member, your rate will never change. If you choose to cancel and re-join you will be charged the new rate if the cost has been updated.

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