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- thatjessab, au

Courtney is clear and encouraging - I’m loving her podcast! I actually really love the length as well - perfect to recharge during the day if you need a bit of encouragement or headspace. Five stars and so excited for more!!!

Excited for more!!!

- Suzieuk, Uk

I love the authentic sharing of personal experience. Courtney is honest and open about her own entrepreneurship journey that is helping others to grow. I value the reminders that our faith and mindset are keys to step into the next phase of our lives. Looking forward to the next episodes!

Excellent podcast relatable and practical tips!

- Kelly-Maher, US

Incredible podcast! Courtney is a wonderful speaker and offers great insights, tips, and practical strategies you can use to build your business with a strong God-centered foundation and focus. The podcasts are short, with bite-sized pieces of information, so you can easily listen when short on time, or on the go.

If you haven't listened before, I highly recommend you tune in!! <3

Empowering, inspiring, and practical for the busy entrepreneur!

- Jessie Price, au

This podcast is pretty cool! I love how Courtney gets straight to the point and doesn’t waste time. There’s no fluff which is appreciated. She explains things clearly and makes some really great points.
This podcast is perfect for Christian entrepreneurs who want to feel seen and want to understand how to run their business successfully. Highly recommend!

Refreshing! Short but valuable

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